How to become an RIA in 10 Simple Steps

Have you ever wondered if you could grow your business faster and earn more as an RIA?

Join us for an exclusive webinar with Brad Wales, CEO of Transition to RIA, where we’ll discuss how advisors are going independent through the RIA model.

How to Become an RIA

In this exclusive webinar, we’ll tackle important questions like:

  • Why are advisors choosing the RIA model?
  • What are the three main RIA options to consider?
  • What are the upfront costs to starting your own RIA?
  • Are there financing options available?
  • How long does the process take?
  • What about compliance?
  • What are the most common mistakes to avoid?
  • How much more should advisors expect to make?

Brad will explain the key issues that advisors should consider when evaluating a path to the RIA model and steps to be more successful. He’ll also offer resources and a free Q & A phone call to review your questions about making the transition to an RIA. Sign up today and join us for the follow-up webinar on how to market your new firm!

Meet Your Webinar Hosts

Wales black and white

Brad Wales

Brad Wales started Transition To RIA to fill a void in the marketplace, he seeks to provide a consultative approach, focused solely on the RIA model, and which is completely independent of any one solution. His 20 years in the financial services industry help him guide advisors towards the best solution for their business and personality. Schedule a free discovery call to learn more.

Claire Akin

Claire Akin, MBA

Claire Akin runs Indigo Marketing Agency a full-service marketing firm serving top independent financial advisors.

She works closely with several of Barron’s Top 100 Financial Advisors to grow their AUM using digital marketing.

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