The Advisory Practice of the Future (Webinar)

Do you ever feel overwhelmed or behind when it comes to technology for your practice? Many advisors I work with are looking to upgrade their technology but don't know where to start.  

That's why I've invited financial advisor and technology consultant Arielle Minicozzi to share the secrets of The Advisory Practice of the Future. We'll review how she helps top advisors create their technology systems to run seamlessly and efficiently.  

1. Which technologies do advisors really need? 2. What are the top 5 technologies Arielle recommends? 3. What are the biggest mistakes advisors are making? 4. What's the ONE TECHNOLOGY advisors should embrace today? 5. How does The Advisory Practice of the Future save time and money?  

Be sure to stick around until the end to get your free 30-minute technology strategy call with Arielle!  

Claire Akin, MBA

Claire Akin runs Indigo Marketing Agency a full-service marketing firm serving top independent financial advisors. 

She works closely with several of Barron's Top 100 Financial Advisors to grow their AUM using digital marketing.