Helping Your Clients Create a True Legacy

The Legacy Letter Challenge with Guest Blake Brewer

Today I want to share a powerful webinar that will challenge you (and your clients) to leave behind more than just a financial legacy.

After working with thousands of independent financial advisors, we know how invested you get in your clients’ lives and families. Your relationship moves from transactional to a deeper dialogue about what your clients truly care about: family.

Today’s guest is Blake Brewer, creator of the Legacy Letter Challenge. His mission is to reach over 1 million parents to leave a well-written, meaningful, lasting Legacy Letter to their children. We knew we had to introduce Blake to the Indigo network because of the incredible value he can bring to firms with his passion and his mission.

Register for this special webinar now to:

  • Hear Blake’s moving story about how his father’s legacy letter impacted the rest of his life.
  • Learn the value of a letter to your children that shares your values and virtues along with words that will affirm and communicate your love and leave a lasting impact.
  • Stand out from other advisors by offering this meaningful service that prioritizes relationships over transactions.
  • Find out how to share Blake’s program with your clients and partner with them as they create their Legacy Letter.
  • Get started on your Legacy Letter today!

Today’s world is filled with negative messages; now is the perfect time to write a letter that has the potential to guide your children through the rest of their lives. And who better than their financial advisor to partner with your clients as they share their hearts with their children through this significant and lasting challenge?

And listen up for Blake’s exclusive offer he’s extending to the Indigo network!

Register now to get started on your Legacy Letter Challenge today. 

Meet Your Webinar Hosts

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Blake Brewer Legacy Letter

Katie Cress, Marketing Consultant

Katie Cress is a Digital Marketing Consultant at Indigo Marketing Agency, a full-service marketing firm serving financial advisors. She holds an MBA from Xavier University and a BA in Economics from Ohio University. It’s her mission to help financial advisors reach their ideal prospects through custom digital marketing.

Blake Brewer, Founder Legacy Letter Challenge

Blake is on a mission to help 1 million dads write at least one well-written, meaningful, lasting Legacy Letter to their children.

Blake’s life was forever changed when he tragically discovered his father’s letter several hours after his death.

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